Saturday, September 14, 2013


We are looking for volunteers to help with the Redmond 4th Grade Picture Book Writing Contest.
Specifically we are currently in need of volunteers who can assist as School Coordinators to handle communication with the schools.
The responsibilities for this position will be conducted mainly through email, with the possibility of a phone call or two during the course of the contest.
School Coordinator will handle all communications with their assigned school(s).
Communications may include:
-Informing school of contest timeline, providing your contact information
-Finding the answers to teachers’/school administrators’ questions.
-Coordinating author/illustrators visits into classrooms.
-Inviting participating teachers and students to reception.
Instructions on which communications need to be delivered to the schools and when will be provided by contest coordinator (Kai Strand).
This is not a time consuming position and can be easily worked into a busy schedule since emails can be sent at all hours of the day and night. Your commitment would be from now through March.
Seven volunteers would be ideal to make the work of all those involved the lightest. If you are interested in being a School Coordinator, please contact
Thank you!

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