Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Invitation to Authors

An invitation to authors

RaeAnn Proost, Author of SORRY LITTLE SUPPER, THE STOVE AND STORIES OF A SWEDISH GRANDMOTHER and PEPPER IN HER POCKET, THE STOVE AND STORIES OF A COUNTRY GRANDMOTHER“If you don’t, who will?” is the question I ask at my book signings. If you don’t take responsibility for writing and sharing your family stories, who will? Genealogy studies and time lines are important in the process of capturing our histories, but names, places, and dates can be dull reading. Preservation of events and impressions may be lost along the way. Remembered sights, sounds, touches, and aromas tell the stories. These are the facets of the imperfect crystals of our lives. I propose to give back and offer encouragement to new authors, inviting them to share family memories and a recipe. CUPCAKES ON THE COUNTER, THE STOVES AND STORIES OF OUR FAMILIES is to be a collection published in 2009. Please copy your story (500-1500 words) and recipe to an email (no attachments, please) and send to me before December 31, 2008, e-mail to me. In the event your story and recipe become part of the final publication, you will receive an honorarium.

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