Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Outlaw in Petticoats Ebook Release and Review

Paty Jager's second Halsey brother book, Outlaw in Petticoats, will be released in Ebook Friday, May 9th by The Wild Rose Press(www.thewildrosepress.com). It is a historical western romance that takes place from Sumpter, OR to The Dalles and back to Baker City. She has garnered two good reviews so far.

The first was a 5 spur review from Love Western Romances(http://www.lovewesternromances.com/outlawpetticoatsreview.html):

Maeve is a courageous woman of the Old West, but modern readers will certainly relate to her struggle to maintain her own identity and not get swept up in a whirlwind of emotions with a man she has yet to trust. Despite her overwhelming attraction to Zeke (the sexual tension between them positively sizzles), the most difficult thing for Maeve would be to become dependent on a man, shackled by his concern and care, knowing one day he could just up and leave her destitute.

Zeke, on the other hand, struggles, as many modern men must, to understand and accept the woman he loves on her terms, without smothering the very qualities he loves about her. Strong and commanding, he wages an emotional and sensual battle for the heart of the woman he loves that will undoubtedly pull at your own heart. (I admit it—I fell in love with Zeke Halsey!)

With Zeke and Maeve, Ms. Jager has created two complex and compelling characters. Swept along in their adventure, the reader can’t help but be stirred by a man who is prepared to work so hard for love while relating to a woman who fears the trap of commitment. Ms. Jager’s emotional development of both characters is made more evocative placed against the backdrop of the Old West. With an intriguing mystery, an action-packed adventure, fully realized characters and a story filled with surprising twists, Ms. Jager has crafted a sensual and gratifying romance that will have you turning those pages. A keeper for any lover of romance or the Old West.

The second review was a 4 cup review from Coffee Time Romance: (http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/Outlawinpetticoats.html)

Outlaw in Petticoats is a splendid read. Zeke is kind-hearted and caring. I could tell how deep his love is for Maeve. Maeve does a good impression of hiding her feelings. Paty Jager creates a read with two gripping characters, and secondary players that spark drama into the storyline. She allows her audience to be carried into a journey of not only seeking a father but two people making a connection with the other. With intense character emotions, and a bit of mystery, she makes this an outstanding read.

This book will be available in print on November 7, 2008. Keep an eye out for a book signing!

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