Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winners of Fall Literary Harvest Writing Contest Announced

Congratulation to the winners of the 2008 Fall Literary Harvest Writing Contest!

First Place: Mike Rettig, Last Run
Second Place: Cameron Prow, See, Hear, and Speak No Evil
Third Place: Suzanne Burns, Casting Call

The top submissions selected for reading at Fall Literary Harvest are:
Elsie Rochna, Split Decision
RaeAnn Proost, Cupcakes Cooling On The Counter
Alex Weiss, Wild Life; Rumble Ponies; Rootsteps; I Remember; Enough
Constance Gilbert, Dandelions of Life
Jo Ann Senior, Revenge of the Devilish Donut
Bill Baber, The Innocence of Summer; Next Nowhere; Your Blues
Carol Brian, How Canada Geese Behave; High School English Teacher; Standing in Line at the Post Office; Virtual Reality; Why Are You Weeping?

Alternate Readers:
Karen Wright, My Chilling Adventure
Robert Schultz, Delaney's Wake

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