Friday, November 14, 2008

A Woman Cried

Recently, I went to Aspin Ridge Retirement home in Bend, Oregon. It is the second time I have been there. This time a woman cried at the end of my presentation. She said, “I was here during your first presentation and bought your book. The book went to my 4 grandchildren in Canada. They loved it and said it was their best Christmas present ever! They have read the book and played its CD over and over!” Often I visit retirement homes and share my blind grandmother’s story and children’s book I Can’t See, But…I Can Imagine. It may seem a little silly to take a children’s book to a retirement home, but I have been to several now, and the residents absolutely love my “Grandmother Story”. After I have told the story behind my book, I play the book’s CD and flip the pages. In addition, I play some of the ‘adult’ music that my grandmother wrote and is on the separate CD “Songs From Grandmother’s House”. This time I played some of the original music from the scratchy 78 rpm records. What a contrast from the updated version! I believe Grandmother would be pleased if she could hear her music today.

Pat Wilson

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Elise Michaels Media said...

Pat, I am thrilled that you are still heavily promoting your wonderful book and it's so well received! I always knew you were on to something...!