Monday, March 2, 2009

Pat Wilson to Appear at Prineville's Family Reading Carnival

Patricia Wilson tells us that one of the most rewarding things she has done while marketing her book "I Can't See, But...I Can Imagine" is to visit schools and encourage children from kindergarten through 5th grade to love to write. Her goal is for the kids to consider their own roots in their writing. Pat tells them the 'family story' behind her book with the idea they have their own stories...and can add their own imagination, as she did. Always they are divided into similar age groups so that it is possible to gear the visit to the particular age, teaching the older children the steps it takes to actually create, publish and market a book. The original illustrations, by Sharon Bean, are with Pat for them to see. The kids love that!

Pat has been to 42 schools so far, and this week will be her 43rd. She will visit Ochoco Elementary School in Prineville, Oregon. Monday evening March 2nd, Pat is taking part in a delightful Family Reading Carnival and Wednesday, March 4th, she will be talking to all of the elementary children. She says, "Great fun!"

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