Thursday, April 23, 2009

Enes Smith's Sequel to Cold River Rising to be Released on May 5

Enes Smith was a guest speaker at a past Central Oregon Writers Guild monthly meeting.

The long-awaited sequel to Cold River Rising will be released May 5, 2009. Believe me when I say that I've been waiting longer than anyone. Reserve your copy today by going to my website, at . If you order by May 4, 2009, I'll pay the postage.

Cold River Resurrection

City girl Jennifer Kruger got more than she bargained for when she trespassed on the Cold River Indian Reservation, searching for a legendary creature. She became lost, and in a dehydrated and delirious condition, she stumbled upon grisly evidence of murder and mutilation. She absently collected morbid artifacts on her journey, and is eventually found by Cold River Tribal Police Lieutenant "Smokey Kukup. Jennifer seeks to stay alive as she finds herself becoming attached to Smokey and his precocious nine-year-old-daughter. An unlikely creature in a land that has been sealed before time; an unlucky terrorist; and a sadistic drug lord provide an assortment of horrors for people you will come to care about - a story taken from a series of today's headlines. Cold River Resurrection.

Readers who enjoyed Cold River Rising will like Cold River Resurrection as well, and I have tried to write the story so you won't be able to take a breath in the last 200 pages. Please alert fellow readers in your life and email address book of Cold River Resurrection, so they can take advantage of the postage free offer.

Enes Smith
Central Oregon
April 21, 2009

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