Monday, June 8, 2009

2008 Fourth Grade Book Contest Winners Read at COWG Meetings

At the Central Oregon Writers Guild April and May meetings, we were honored to welcome the two top winners of the 2008 Fourth Grade Book Contest, an annual event co-sponsored by COWG. The contest had over 200 submissions, all written and illustrated by students in the Redmond area.

At our April meeting, Nicky Tsai read his book Indiana Enchilada and the Sauce of Life, an imaginative tale about two young enchiladas, Indiana and his friend Aaron, who learn Indiana’s uncle needs the Sauce of Life. The boys set off on an exciting adventure to find the Sauce. Along the way, they battle the vicious Bandit Burritos, and face many other dangers until they finally reach the Temple of Doom, where they recover the Sauce of Life. The Bandit Burritos show up with their invention “The Hand”, and try to capture Indiana and Aaron, but Aaron calls the police, who arrive and arrest the villain Chimi Changa and all the Bandit Burritos. The boys take the Sauce of Life to Enchilada’s uncle just in time to save him, and they then decide to share the Sauce so everyone can live happily ever after. Author Nicky Tsai is a student at Central Christian Schools in Redmond. His fourth grade teacher was Mrs. Majeski, who Nicky says is “awesome”. Nicky dedicated his book to his family, which includes his mother, father, two brothers and a dog. His mom Lulu accompanied Nicky to his reading at our April meeting.

At our May meeting, Chance Simpson read his book The Story of Chance and His Cows. Chance has won many awards and prizes at livestock shows around the west. His book recounts the challenges and rewards of raising his cows and preparing them to show. Chance loves his cows, and says he inherited his knowledge about them from his dad and mom, who showed cows together even before they were married. Chance says his dad proposed to his mom during the middle of a show, and he’s very glad she said yes! In his book, Chance wrote about each of his prize-winning cows, who he says are “awesome”. He likes that raising and showing cattle is a family activity. It is hard work but they have fun, too. He hopes he can show cattle all his life. Chance attends Tom McCall Elementary School in Redmond. His fourth grade teacher was Ms. Zistel. Chance dedicated his book to the Hoffman family and the Foresters, who have helped him in the past, to his cows, and of course to his family—his dad, mom, brother, sister and Uncle Mike. His mom Amy accompanied Chance to his COWG book reading.

We are very proud of Nicky and Chance, and encourage them to keep writing. They are off to a great start! Nicky and Chance’s books are available at the Redmond Library, along with previous years’ winners. COWG is pleased to co-sponsor the annual Fourth Grade Writing Contest along with the Redmond Library and High Desert Society for the Arts. We commend the teachers who support their students in their writing projects for the contest.

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