Friday, September 11, 2009

Oregon Humanities Magazine Call for Proposals and Submissions

Oregon Humanities magazine is seeking submissions for the spring 2010 issue on the theme of ³Look.²

We are particularly interested in articles and essays that explore this concept through various topics, including aesthetics, design, visual literacy, appearance, and images as communication tools. Writers may consider but are not limited to the following questions: What role do aesthetics play in history and contemporary culture? How does design shape our daily lives? How does design unite and divide us? Has visual literacy become more important than verbal literacy? How does appearance affect our assessment and judgment of people and circumstances? What are the power dynamics of looking and being looked at, of seeing and being seen? What meanings can images convey that words cannot?

We welcome all forms of nonfiction writing, including scholarly essays, personal essays, and journalistic articles. We accept proposals and drafts of scholarly and journalistic features, which range between 2,500 and 4,000words in length. We accept drafts only of personal essays, which should consider larger thematic questions and run no longer than 2,000 words. All contributors receive an honorarium. Currently the magazine is distributed to more than 11,000 readers. Essays from Oregon Humanities have been reprinted in the Pushcart Prize anthology and the Utne Reader.

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, please submit aproposal or draft by October 19, 2009, to Kathleen Holt, Editor, OregonHumanities magazine, Oregon Council for the Humanities, 813 SW Alder Street,Suite 702, Portland, Oregon, 97205, or No phone calls, please.

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