Wednesday, January 13, 2010

COWG 2009 Elmer Award

The Central Oregon Writers Guild Elmer for 2009 goes to a person who has served the Guild willingly, accepting any task assigned. A member for five years and a team player, she has stepped up to the plate time after time. This past year when our Blog Director was unable to continue, she stepped up, when our VP Program Director needed assistance; she took that on, while fulfilling the duties of Publicity Director. She is a person who is there for you, takes joy in your triumphs, cries with you in your sorrow. She truly is the glue that holds Central Oregon Writers Guild together, Anita Lanning.

This is an Elmer, a Central Oregon Writers Guild traveling award; it is meant to be awarded on an annual basis. Each Year’s recipient is to award it at the end of the following year, with name and year engraved; to one who it can truly be said is the glue that holds the Guild together.

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