Friday, April 23, 2010


There was a great turnout for Paty’s How to Write a Book Proposal workshop. Based on her expertise and experience, Paty, author of five novels, provided attendees with guidance on writing queries, synopses and book proposals that lead to publication. Here are but a few of the excellent pointers we gleaned from Paty’s presentation:

· Never send a proposal unless your book is finished. Agents, editors and publishers anticipate a completed manuscript when they consider a proposal.

· Study the markets to know which one is most appropriate for your story. Markets can be researched at online sites such as, or reference publications like Writers Market 2010 edition, available in local libraries. Decide on your target market and make a list of the top five picks.

· Make sure the first three chapters of your manuscript are polished before submitting with your query letter, synopsis and proposal. This means edit and re-edit!

· The synopsis is the selling tool for your book and must show turning points of the full story including the ending.

Study and strictly adhere to the guidelines of the publisher, which can be found online or by requesting copies be sent to you.

Google to find an editor or agent who is seeking submissions in your genre. Few publishing houses accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Everyone who participated in Paty’s workshop walked away well-armed with the ins and outs of preparing book proposals, synopses, outlines, query letters and pitches, all designed to assist us as we pursue our journey to publication and writing success. We thank Paty for her informative and down-to-earth presentation and look forward to future sessions conducted by this highly successful award-winning author. Go to Paty’s website to learn more about her own writer’s journey and her published and soon-to-be published books.

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