Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Guild’s resident humorist and author Jo Ann Senior will speak at next Thursday’s meeting on the topic “Enhancing your Writing with Humor.” Jo Ann says, “Adding a sprinkling of humor to your writing can be a big plus. Learn how to find the funny to keep your readers' attention and give them some comic relief even when your piece is serious, scary or sappy.” Jo Ann’s goal is give you some techniques and tips to make that happen for writers no matter their genre.

Jo Ann Senior has been making people laugh since she entertained her classmates in kindergarten. She enjoys humor immensely and loves to share it in person or on paper. Life has been her best teacher and she feels she should have a Masters of Mirth, or PHD (Phinding Humor Daily) by now. She lives in Redmond and has been a member of the Central Oregon Writers Guild since it was founded. She has presented several workshops on the topic of humor through the years and her pieces have appeared in local publications, including the 2008 Literary Harvest Chapbook.

Following Jo Ann’s presentation, Guild president Elsie Rochna will read her Literary Harvest prize-winning story.

The meeting takes place at COCC Redmond Campus, 2048 College Loop SE, Building 1, Room 122, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. It is free and everyone is welcome to attend. Be prepared to laugh and learn!

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