Saturday, January 8, 2011


Central Oregon Writers Guild’s annual Holiday Social took place Thursday December 16. The Members Showcase featured original works by several of our members. Master of Ceremonies Mike Rettig did an excellent job. With each of his introductions, he included pertinent quotes by several famous authors.

Featured readers were:

Susan Robinson, who shared her charming story “Ahmen” was about a little wounded mouse that will be forever remembered because of the part he played the night of the baby Jesus’ birth.

David Burns read a chapter from his novel “Day Follow Night: From Chaos to Redemption.” Everett Carson’s imaginary friends helped him survive a chaotic childhood by accompanying him on some exciting adventures.

Tessa Bailey read her poem “What If?” It is a compelling and beautifully written account of how very different the world would be if the people God chose to play a role in Christ’s birth had made different decisions.

Jo Ann Willson read “Lesson Plan”, a true story about some of her thought-provoking and memorable experiences during the years she lived on the Navajo Reservation.

ElsieMarie Rochna’s story “The Visit” was a stirring and heart-warming account of a lonely woman’s Christmas Eve visit with her estranged son and the revelations that changed her life.


President Elsie Rochna established this award in 2009 to recognize outstanding contributions by Guild members who “exhibit by their actions those qualities peculiar to Elmer’s glue—they help hold things together.” That could apply to almost every single Guild member, but Pat Wilson has stood out by her actions and dedication from the group’s beginning in 2002. Mostly recently, she has done an excellent job as our treasurer and membership chair. She diligently maintains financial and membership records and keeps in regular communication via e-mail with both members and non-members to keep them apprised of Guild activities. For these and many other reasons, Pat Wilson is the well-deserved recipient of the 2010 Elmer Award. Congratulations, Pat!


At each of our monthly meetings, we conduct a drawing for a writer resource-related book. The entry fee is $1.00 each, and proceeds go to support the Guild’s annual Literary Harvest. All entries are retained for a year-end drawing at the Holiday Social. Included in this year’s drawing were a writing craft book, a Journal, a giant pencil to inspire the writer to do some big-time writing, and a one-year Guild membership. The lucky winner of this year’s drawing is—Annette Fairchild. Congratulations, Annette!


We greatly appreciate David Burns, one of our readers, who donated his novel Day Follow Night: From Chaos to Redemption, for a special drawing at the Holiday Social. The chapter he read certainly sparked everyone’s interest and we look forward to reading his novel. The lucky winner of the drawing is—Mary Krakow. Congratulations, Mary!

Thanks to everyone who participated our Holiday Social, who brought such wonderful dishes to share, and especially to readers and their wonderful stories. It was a great success, and the perfect way to end another banner year for Central Oregon Writers Guild.

Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday January 27, 2011—Award-winning author and Nature of Words founder Ellen Waterston, who will speak on the topic “Finding Home in Fact and Fiction”. Please note: Our January and February meetings location is the Redmond Library, 827 SW Deschutes SW, Redmond.

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Paty Jager said...

Mary always wins! LOL Looks like a good time. sorry I missed it!