Friday, February 18, 2011


Patricia (Pat) Wilson, COWG’s long time member and author of the children’s book I Can’t See, But…I Can Imagine, will be speaking to Redmond’s school children grades K – 5. Tuesday, March 1, she will be at Vern Patrick Elementary and Friday, March 4 at John Tuck Elementary. These will be the 49th and 50th schools she has visited since her book was published in December 2003—typically seeing 6-8 classes a day.

Her presentation is a 'back up' for teachers with encouragement to write, illustrate and enjoy music. She has a colorful display and the original 31 illustrations (by Sharon Bean) for the children to see. Patricia shares her book, its accompanying CD and story behind it with the idea the children have their own stories – encouraging them to consider their own family roots (and imagination) as they write. The children are especially interested in the process of publishing, editing, illustrating and getting the book to market. In addition, it is Patricia’s goal to help children understand it is possible to have a ‘special need’ like blindness and still have a rewarding life by cultivating individual talents. To learn more about Pat's book and her activities, log onto her website,

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