Monday, February 7, 2011

World Building Workshop

Mid-Willamette Valley RWA Presents:

Our March 2011 online class:

World-Building for Writers

Taught by Rebecca Lynn

Description: A world-building course focusing on all facets of fictional writing, not just on fantasy and paranormal books. Historical fiction and contemporary genre fiction writers need to know how to world-build, as well. World-building, at its foundation, is about incorporating details into narrative. This class will start with the basic building blocks of a world (whether known or invented) and move toward the integration of research and worldbuilding into narrative fiction.

Week One: You Are God - The building blocks of fictional worlds; the two main methods of world-building.

Week Two: The Genesis Effect - Organizing and ordering your fictional world; resources for world-building in genres.

Week Three: Hobbits and iPods and Claymores, Oh My - Integrity in your fictional world; dissecting student examples.

Week Four: Writer as Weaver - Integrating world-building details into narrative and dialogue.


Rebecca Lynn took an MFA in Creative Writing and an undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Literature, and has taught both writing and literature courses on the collegiate level. She has published short fiction as well as some short non-fiction, and academic articles.

Class runs from 3/1/2011 to 3/31/2011. Cost is $20 for MWV RWA members and $25 for non-members.

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