Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pat Wilson Radio Interview

Today was truly a special day. I received an email from Michael McCarty, the President of the Kentucky Council of the Blind (www.kentucky-acb.org). He has Sound Prints, a weekly radio show heard on WKJK Talk Radio 1080 in Louisville, Kentucky. His program is heard Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM Central and then goes to ACB Radio (www.acbradio.org) where it is listened to by a world-wide audience on their Main Stream channel. He said, “I would love to have you on my radio show to talk about your book.” I called him this morning and this afternoon he interviewed me (by phone) on the radio. My book I Can’t See, But …I Can Imagine is perfect for anyone who knows or is related to a blind person, because it is a fun, positive person about a blind grandmother. I told Michael during the interview that my grandmother, Persis Beach Bennett, considered blindness simply an inconvenience. I’m certain she had her bad moments, but to this granddaughter; she was a kick in the pants. She was a ton of fun.

- Pat Wilson

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