Monday, May 25, 2009


This month’s meeting features novelist Alice Sharpe, who will talk about how authors can write effective book synopses, ones that will get an agent, editor and publisher’s attention. As Ms. Sharpe says, a good synopsis can define a character, a plot and a book. When used while writing, a synopsis will keep an author on task and be a true time saver, especially if the author is working under a deadline. The synopsis can also keep an author focused when there is no deadline, since without it a project can drag on and on. However, Ms. Sharpe says the very word “synopsis” can make many authors, new and experienced, shudder with dread. During her presentation, she will do her best to demystify the process and convince the writer that not only is a good synopsis an invaluable writing tool and a necessary part of the publishing package, but also a creative and satisfying experience.

Alice Sharpe has published over two dozen short stories and thirty-eight books with four different publishers. Her latest novel is “Multiples Mystery”, released in March 2009, to be followed by the October’s release of “Agent Daddy”. Both books are Harlequin Intrigue publications. To learn more about Ms. Sharpe, go to her website

The meeting will take place at Central Oregon Community College Redmond Campus, 2030 SE College Loop (just off Airport Way), Building 3 Room 306. COWG meetings are free and open to the public. For COWG membership and volunteer information, contact President Elsie Rochna at 923-0896 or via e-mail at

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