Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Local Author Publishes New Book About Pregnancy

The Straight Poop on Pregnancy “Media Release”

The hilarious side of being pregnant? Natalie Kimmel will have you laughing out loud with her new book, The Straight Poop on Pregnancy!

Set to be released later this month, The Straight Poop on Pregnancy is a humorous, interactive keepsake for pregnant women, whether they are experiencing their first, second, or fifth pregnancy. All too often, pregnancy literature highlights the grand joys and rosy pleasantries a woman will experience during her nine month journey. But it’s not all glowing skin and shiny hair.

This book hilariously catalogs the less pleasant and much less publicized side-effects of pregnancy with fun illustrations. It also lets the pregnant woman journal her unpleasantries for future reference. All illustrations in the book are originals by the author. The thirty-two page book sells for $12.95.

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