Thursday, March 11, 2010

M Pax Blog & Website

My website is still in the process of being built and beautified. It should be done soon. It's currently under some heavy construction, but the link is on the sidebar here, if you want to look. Be warned parts of it may not be functioning as my web genius is redoing the homepage. And, we'll be redoing my 'works' section soon. If you'd like to be listed in links [I do post COWG events on my calendar at the website], please send me an e-mail with your URL:

So, I'm not yet announcing the website's official open. But, I'll get to adding links if you want to be linked to. Of course, COWG is already there.

I've had a nonrelated blog for a few years on blogger and am currently setting up a new one: I've been fortunate to be able to get a number of people to switch over already. If you'd like to be on my blogroll, go ahead and follow & I'll follow you back, or leave me a comment at the blog. I'd be happy to cross promote. I'd also be happy to promote any of you and your works on my blog, if you're so inclined.

Of course, this blog is already on my blog roll. Sometimes it's like deja vu. ;-)

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