Friday, September 30, 2011

Helping Our Fellow Guild Members

by M. Pax

All writers need our help. Often we want to help, but are unsure how. Whether short on time or money, you can still help a fellow writer get off the ground. How?

1.  Click on the links to their book. If you have Facebook, click on the ‘Like’ button at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, wherever the book is available.

2.  Tweet or send a FB message about the book to your followers.

3.  Buy or download the book.

4.  Leave a review. On Smashwords you need to have purchased there to leave a review, but on other sites you can leave reviews without having purchased – Amazon, B&N, Goodreads.

5.  Blog about the book and / or writer.

6.  Invite the author onto your blog to write a guest post.

All these things help the author get his/her name out there. Marketing and sales are an uphill battle for all new authors, whether traditionally published, published through a small press, or part of the Indie Revolution. Together, we can help one another achieve our dreams, be a true fellowship of writers.

In the beginning, that’s what building a platform is all about. Networking and making connections. The value is in each of us helping each other. We can’t do it alone.

Leda says that same thing when facing her world’s enemy in a final showdown in Semper Audacia. She’s the last soldier left, the final line of defense. She calls on the ghosts of the dead to help her through it, the memories of those she loved, knowing she can’t get through it alone. Available for 99 cents from Amazon and Smashwords. Bonus! The first three chapters of my next release, Stopover at the Backworlds’ Edge, are attached at the end of Semper Audacia.

Amazon is for Kindle, Smashwords is for all other formats. Epub is for Nook. I download to my PC, then plug my Nook into the PC. I can then copy the file and paste it onto my Nook as if it were a flash drive.

If you don’t have an ereader, you can put a Kindle or Nook app on your PC, tablet or smartphone. To get an app, go to Amazon’s Kindle store or B&N’s Nook store. There’s also Adobe Digital Editions, which is the software the library uses for lending ebooks. Adobe Digital Editions uses the epub format like Nook does. If you go online to Deschutes Public Libraries, they have the link for download.

My free reads are available from:



Small Graces

Monday, October 3rd, I’m having a release party for Semper Audacia on my blog, Wistful Nebulae: I’ll be giving away five free copies of my ebook, Semper Audacia. All’s you’ll have to do to enter is leave a comment on my blog.

My blog can also be read on my website and you can enter there as well by leaving a comment.

Thanks to my critique partners: Dennis Strachota, Cleopatra Welsh, Julie Drey, Mike Rettig and Trudy Schoenborn. Couldn’t do this without you.

Now that you’ve helped me out, go do the same for Paty Jager, David Burns, Bill Birnbaum, Ava Wilson and the other members of the Guild who have published their fine work.

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Words in Flight said...

Nice post, Mary. Thanks for including all the info about writing resources and especially ways to support each other. Good stuff! And way to go on your own writing successes. Look forward to reading more!