Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RaeAnn Proost Releases Just a Heartbeat Away, Reconciled to the Loss of our Children


RaeAnn Proost’s latest book, Just a Heartbeat Away, Reconciled to the Loss of our Children, is now available through http://www.booklocker.com/. An excerpt is posted at the booklocker.com site. The book can be ordered directly from them, from RaeAnn (raproost@bendbroadband.com) or at your favorite bookstore. In this, her fourth book, RaeAnn has compiled accounts of those who have lost their children. About her book, RaeAnn says, “To bare the heart is a painful and daunting task. Our stories are fraught with memories, calamitous sadness, and hope. We honor and celebrate the lives of our children and offer advice and understanding, along with peace and comfort, for the parents who sadly must follow in our footsteps. As we work through our grief to find a new normal, we know we are not alone.”

We extend our heartfelt best wishes and thanks to RaeAnn for this collection of memories from those who have gone through one of life’s most devastating experiences. The narratives in this book offer a source of comfort, strength and support to others at such a difficult time.

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