Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pat Wilson Speaks in Tucson and San Francisco

The last two weekends Pat Wilson was in Tucson and San Francisco giving presentations.  Tucson Festival of Books was quite an experience.  Kudos to Tucson!  The festival took over the University of Arizona during spring break.  She was honored to be one of the over 200 authors asked to speak.  They treated her and her husband like royalty.  Fun time. Tents, authors, books everywhere! From 130,000 to 150,000 attended!

In San Francisco (actually Burlingame) The California Transcribers and Educators of the Blind and Visually Impaired (CTEBVI) Conference was awesome.  Her workshop went well.  They sold a lot of her book I Can’t See, But…I Can Imagine in both Braille (twin vision) and print. Nearly ran out.  They did a lot of ‘networking’ at the conference. Pat has always wanted to add tactile graphics to her book…allows a blind person to feel the shape of something mentioned on a particular page.  She met Liberty Braille owners Mike and Cristen Lockwood.  Liberty Braille does tactile graphics and they want to do her book! 

Pat says, “It was interesting to see people all around me who are blind or visually impaired doing just fine.  They are independent, working and successful.  Many have families and do all the things mothers and dads do—just in a little different way.  Many have dogs or white canes. They tell me this is the best time ever to be blind because the technology is incredible.  After being with them awhile you simply forget they have a vision problem at all.  I had heard that, because of the technology, Braille is becoming less and less used, but they tell me that is not true at all.  They use Braille all the time. It goes hand in hand with the technology.” 

Thanks, Pat, for sharing such a wonderful and exciting experience. You have done yourself and the Guild proud!

Meeting Reminder: This Thursday March 28, our featured speaker is Young Adult Author Jill Williamson.

Chapbook Reminder: The 2012 Literary Harvest Chapbook is available for purchase at our meetings and several book stores at $10 each. 

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